Kaisen-don (Seafood bowl) paired with Furikake

Kaisen-don (Seafood bowl) paired with Furikake

Kaisen don is a popular Japanese dish that consists of a bowl of sushi rice topped with various types of fresh seafood. Furikake, as mentioned earlier, is a seasoning mixture commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Pairing kaisen don with furikake can add an extra burst of flavor and texture to the dish. Here's a suggestion for a kaisen don and furikake pairing:

  1. Start by preparing sushi rice. Cook the rice according to the package instructions or use a rice cooker. Once cooked, let it cool slightly and then season it with sushi vinegar, which is a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. Mix the sushi vinegar into the rice gently to avoid crushing the grains.
  2. While the rice is cooling, prepare your seafood toppings for the kaisen don. Common options include slices of fresh raw fish such as tuna, salmon, yellowtail, or shrimp. You can also include other seafood like octopus, scallops, or crab. Cut the seafood into bite-sized pieces and arrange them on top of the sushi rice.
  3. Now, it's time to sprinkle furikake over the kaisen don. Choose a furikake flavor that complements the seafood and adds an extra layer of flavor. Some popular options include furikake with nori (seaweed), sesame, or bonito (dried fish flakes). Sprinkle the furikake evenly over the seafood and rice.
  4. Optional: You can also add other toppings to your kaisen don to enhance the flavors and textures. Some ideas include avocado slices, cucumber strips, pickled ginger, or tobiko (flying fish roe).
  5. Serve the kaisen don immediately, either in a bowl or a sushi donburi dish. Garnish with additional furikake on top for added visual appeal if desired.

When you're ready to eat, mix the seafood, rice, and furikake together to combine the flavors. The furikake will add a savory and umami taste to the dish, enhancing the overall experience of the kaisen don.

Feel free to customize your kaisen don with your favorite seafood and additional toppings. The pairing of kaisen don with furikake allows you to enjoy the fresh flavors of the seafood while adding a delightful seasoning to each bite. Enjoy your meal!


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